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Be an Effective and Confident Communicator

Find Your Voice and Speak Freely

Individual Stuttering Therapy

Stuttering Therapy is provided to Chicago area preschoolersschool-aged childrenadolescents, and adults. 


Stuttering changes and affects different aspects of one's life with growth and development. Therefore, therapy is individualized for each age-group and implemented in a highly supportive environment. 

Group Stuttering Therapy

Group Stuttering Therapy is offered for adults and teens.  


Group Stuttering Therapy is highly effective allowing one to share common experiences while learning from one another and practicing individual goals.

Communication Therapy

Articulation and Language Therapy is provided to children and teens.


Daily practice is provided and collaboration with school professionals and parent involvement is highly encouraged for effective therapy.



The Center for Stuttering & Communication was established in 2009 and provides exceptional stuttering and communication therapy to children and adults.  Through the latest evidence based stuttering therapy, it provides people who stutter a place to find their voice and speak freely.  The owner, Stephanie Hirsh, M.A. CCC-SLP is one of Chicago's leading experts in stuttering and has made it her life mission to help fellow people who stutter communicate effectively and not let stuttering impact their daily lives and life choices.  


Center for Stuttering & Communication Therapy

492 South Ave.

Glencoe, IL 60022

Tel: 847-525-6083

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