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Preschool Stuttering Therapy 
The goal of preschool stuttering therapy is to help a young child develop normal fluency. Parents/guardians play an active role in helping their child produce fluent speech. As you know, a parent is the most important person in his/her child's life. You are your child's daily teacher; therefore it is best when you conduct therapy in the home environment. But don't worry, you (the parent) will be slowly taken through the process, trained, given feedback and encouraged along the way. A best practice approach is used and therapy is structured around the needs of your child. Typically, the Lidcombe Program is used for preschool therapy in addition to traditional methods.

School-Age Children Stuttering Therapy
Parents and families play an active role in a child's therapy. Families learn how to facilitate positive communication within their home and how to make talking easier. We help each child begin the journey to become an outstanding communicator.  In therapy, we address all aspects of stuttering
  • Motor (make talking easier, ease out of moments of stuttering, forward moving speech.)
  • Affective (how your child feels about stuttering)
  • Social (how stuttering impacts your child at school and when interacting with friends)
  • Cognitive (how the speech mechanism works and what happens when you stutter)

As soon as each child is ready, we move to real-life speaking situations (i.e. talking with friends and family members, in the classroom, asking questions in class, talking to teachers, ordering at restaurants, classroom presentations etc.). ​


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