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Stephanie Hirsh, M.A. CCC-SLP
Founder - Speech Pathologist and Leading Stuttering Expert

The Center for Stuttering and Communication therapy was founded in 2009 by Stephanie Hirsh, M.A. CCC-SLP to provide state of the art stuttering and communication therapy to children and adults in Chicagoland.  Through the latest evidence based stuttering therapy, the center provides people who stutter a place to find their voice and speak freely.  The center provides  individual and group therapy, guidance to parents and family members, in addition to consultations with school therapists and educators. 

The owner, Stephanie Hirsh, M.A. CCC-SLP, is one of Chicago's leading experts in stuttering and has made it her life mission to help fellow people who stutter communicate effectively and not let stuttering impact their daily life and life choices.  In addition to her work with people who stutter in the therapy room, Stephanie has the opportunity to share her knowledge with current and future speech pathologists interested in stuttering by offering one-on-one mentorships or acting as a guest speaker in graduate level stuttering courses.  Over the years, Stephanie has been involved with FRIENDS- The National Organization for Children Who Stutter and The National Stuttering Association (NSA). Stephanie helped organize and facilitate a one-day Chicago FRIENDS conference and has facilitated multiple workshops at the National Friends Conventions. In addition, Stephanie founded and co- facilitated a support group for school-age children and teens who stutter through the National Stuttering Association (NSAkids and TWST groups).  She also brings a personal perspective as a person who stutters.


After earning a Masters degree in Speech Pathology from Northwestern University and bachelors degree from University of Michigan, Stephanie was mentored by exceptional stuttering therapists and leaders in the stuttering therapy world.  Stephanie participated in intensive stuttering clinical training, and has received early intervention training in the evidenced-based Lidcombe Program for young children who stutter which helps guide her work with preschoolers who stutter. 

Prior to opening the Center for Stuttering & Communication Therapy, Stephanie gained clinical experience in school, daycare, and private practice settings. She evaluated and treated infants, children, adolescents, and adults with a wide range of disorders (i.e. fluency, articulation, language, apraxia, motor planning, aphasia, cognitive impairment, social/pragmatic impairments, hearing impairment). 

Stephanie is a member of the ASHA's fluency special interest division (4), the National Stuttering Association, and FRIENDS- The National Association of Young People who Stutter.  Stephanie is also a wife and mother to three adorable children. 

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