The Center for Communication & Stuttering Therapy provides articulation, language, and stuttering therapy to children and adults on Chicago's North Shore. The center is dedicated to working with clients and their families to become outstanding communicators.  Effective communication is necessary in all aspects of our lives, and it is important each person finds their voice to speak freely.
"Stephie Hirsh has provided stuttering therapy to our 10 year old Erik, who stutters, for close to 2 years. The difference in Erik before starting stuttering therapy with Stephie and now is phenomenal. He is confident, happy, and able to stand up for himself. Most importantly, he is able to communicate. Stephie is one of those special people you feel lucky to find. She's a gift to the chicago stuttering community; she's involved, educated and always on top of the latest research. What we find special and unique about Stephie is her ability to connect with kids, and let them know they're not alone." --K.Y.

“Stephanie Hirsh has been working with me as a speech pathologist for one year. I have seen several other pathologists over my 28 years. My experience with Stephanie has been great. She has helped me speak with confidence instead of trying to "get rid of my stuttering", like others have attempted in the past. I was always afraid of what people thought when I stuttered.   By trying to not stutter, it brought on a lot of anxiety. When I tried not to stutter, it actually made me stutter more. One of the reasons I feel Stephanie is such a great speech pathologist is that she herself stutters. She understands what is happening when someone stutters. In return she can help you find a way to stutter with confidence, or to find ways to decrease the stuttering. Everyone has varying levels of stuttering. She has helped me get to the point where I feel more comfortable with my stuttering. I once was embarrassed by my stuttering, but now, after working with Stephanie, I am not as much. I try to educate people whenever I can about stuttering. With her help, Stephanie has helped me have a better quality of life, and for that, I am very grateful”.-- L.C

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Stuttering Therapy is provided to Chicago area preschoolersschool-aged childrenadolescentsand adults. 
Stuttering changes and affects different aspects of one's life with growth and development. Therefore, therapy is individualized for each age-group and implemented in a highly supportive environment. 
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